Mr. Giordano has been at the forefront of the educational choice movement for 20 years in a diverse range of leadership roles that are developmental, operational and strategic in scope. Mr. Giordano has been on the ground floor of the charter school movement almost since its inception in helping to shape our nations beliefs about accountability, choice and most importantly closing the achievement gap to our Nations most underserved populations. In addition, he has served in the military for 33 years to include one combat tour as a field grade officer and a senior field grade command of Soldiers. Mr. Giordano’s diverse executive experience in senior leadership, policy and operations span public, private and governmental sectors.

Mr. Giordano is Renaissance School Services’ Senior Vice President of Business Development, where he is responsible for all new business development and national relationships with charter organizations, authorizers associations, and key stakeholders. He has been involved in the charter school movement since its early years where he worked with the highly regarded SABIS® Educational Systems an international college preparatory educational management organization at the grassroots and school operational levels.

Following years of service working with founding boards, community based organizations and state authorizers Mr. Giordano began overseeing the startup of new and turnaround schools around the United States. Concurrently Mr. Giordano also spearheaded new school development in states like NY, NC, LA, D.C. GA, FL, MD, TN and NJ. Robert worked extensively in NY, MA, NJ, D.C., MD, GA, FL, LA, AZ, OH, NJ and MI. Robert is a sought after speaker at state charter school conferences; has taught charter school leaders on the topics of board governance, school turnaround, student enrollment, retention and community based support/outreach, and was a former Adjunct Professor in the Business Department of Siena College.

In addition, Mr. Giordano is finishing up a 33 year career in the military where he enlisted in the U.S. Army National Guard as a Private, was commissioned as an Army Second Lieutenant and has risen to the ranks of a Lieutenant Colonel where he now commands a Military Police Battalion in the New York Army National Guard. LTC Giordano was a Task Force Commander at Ground Zero in the days and months following the attacks and served with the famed 42nd Infantry Division in Iraq during 2004-2005.