Dallas Bell is the founder of Student-Retention, a system he developed for creating and growing blended learning centers. Working for a Fortune 1000 company Dallas had an opportunity to create schools in Detroit’s inner city for at-risk kids. Meeting with kids, in their homes, helped him learn what type of educational system was needed to support them. His goal was to reengage the students that wanted to earn their diplomas but needed a non-traditional option. 

Dallas met Jim Bermingham (Superintendent of Berrien Springs Public Schools) and realized they had the same vision for reaching at-risk kids. Together they developed a system to support local schools in setting up their own virtual blended learning programs. Now known as Success Virtual Learning Centers (SVLC) they use the proven methods of Student Retention and Berrien Springs alternative program. 

Dallas and his team have created virtual blended learning centers for 15 local school systems in Michigan. The centers allow local schools to support their own students in becoming contributors to their community.

Creating educational options for kids who have dropped out is a must at a time when a lack of diploma disqualifies job seekers from 90% of the good jobs being offered in the U.S. It is the mission of SVLC to provide innovative educational opportunities that inspire hope and empower lifelong achievement. 

In addition to a diploma SVLC emphasizes job skills through the development of an internship program. SVLC students are able to graduate not only with the diploma they need but also with a work history, references…and often a job!

SVLC is a duplicatable system that can be launched in any community. It is a scalable system that solves many of the issues that contribute to the high school dropout dilemma. One measurable outcome is the program currently averages ACT scores of 16. A survey of the enrolled students revealed 91% enjoyed the experience of Success Virtual Learning Centers.