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Anita Bell

Success Virtual Learning Centers (SuccessVLC.com)

Co-Founder Success Virtual Learning Centers. Chief Marketing Officer responsible for increase of $24,102,000,000, a 425% increase in school revenue and student growth from 600 students to 3,150 students in three years and from 4 centers to 23 centers in MI, statewide.

Visionary, and performance driven marketing executive with over 20 years of success in developing highly successful and award-winning strategies, marketing programs and advertising campaigns. Specializing in enrollment and engagement of age appropriate students for secondary education in the US.

Background in education, fortune 500 business, start-ups and nonprofits and has created success with measurable results. An implementation specialist, social marketer, business coach, sales consultant, trainer and advocate for at-risk youth.

Consistently succeeds in researching and reaching broad initiatives as well as a very narrow student market demographic and developing comprehensive strategies to position schools and marketing to achieve targeted student growth, while maintaining corporate and brand integrity.

Recognized for utilizing innovative approaches and smart business decisions to achieve market positioning and student goal targets.

  • Forward-looking initiator, skilled at reaching students not engaged in school and utilizing social media and anticipating new trends to propel new student growth and revenues.

  • Highly adaptable to new strategies, markets, and industries. Embraces opportunities to learn new information at a rapid pace;

Recognized for utilizing new and diverse marketing methods and tactics including advertising campaigns, public relations, marketing communications, social media, and web-based solutions. Utilizes social media to optimize and enhance the student's educational experience and increase enrollment in high schools in Michigan.